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Help File Problems?

I've received multiple reports of problems opening the HTML help file "AdvImgLib.chm" that comes with the source code once you purchase the Advanced Imagery Library. These reports of problems have increased lately, so I wanted to post information about it here for future reference.

If you double-click on the "AdvImgLib.chm" file and see the table of contents on the left, but don't see any content on the right hand side, you may be running into a security issue that has come up with Windows 7 & Windows Vista. To fix this problem and see the contents of the help file, do the following:

1) Right click on the "AdvImgLib.chm" file and select "Properties".

2) Once the properties window comes up, click the "Unblock" button.  [ Show Me ]

Windows will sometimes block access to unknown HTML help files to prevent malicious code from executing on your system. Once you unblock the file, you should be able to open it and view it's contents.

See also:

If you are still experienceing issues with the HTML help file, please visit this site:

Click here to purchase the Advanced Imagery Library.