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Advanced Imagery Library

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Supported Image Formats

  .BMP [IN / OUT] Windows or OS/2 Bitmap
  .RLE [IN / OUT] Bitmap with run-length encoding (RLE4/RLE8 in, RLE8 out)
  .ICO [IN / OUT] Windows Icon
  .WMF [IN] Windows Metafile  (Vector Based Image)
  .APM [IN] Aldus Placeable Metafile - A popular variation of WMF  (Vector Based Image)
  .EMF [IN / OUT] Enhanced Metafile  (Vector Based Image)
[IN / OUT] Joint Photographic Experts Group (JFIF Compliant) - Popular high color bitmap format used on the internet
  .JP2 [IN / OUT] JPEG 2000 File Format - The new version of JPEG
[IN / OUT] JPEG 2000 codestream - The new version of JPEG
  .JNG [IN] JPEG Network Graphics. Cousin of MNG, but uses JPEG compression
  .GIF [IN / OUT] Graphics Interchange Format - Popular "lossless", 256 color image format (includes support for LZW compressed GIF files)
  .PNG [IN / OUT] Portable Network Graphics - "Lossless" high color image format.  The answer to GIF when UNISYS became intrusive about their LZW compression algorithm
  .MNG [IN] Multiple Network Graphics - PNG's answer to animated GIF.
  .PSD [IN] Adobe Photoshop Document
[IN / OUT] Tag Image File Format - A widely used format for storing image data (includes support for LZW compressed TIFF files)
[IN / OUT] Tagged Image File Format - Popular bitmap format on the Amiga and other computers
  .PCD [IN] Kodak PhotoCD. The PhotoCD format was developed by Kodak as an alternative to analog photography. Natively supported by most DVD players and CD-I.
  .PCX [IN] Zsoft Paintbrush
[IN] KOALA files were popular on the commodore 64.
  .RAS [IN] Sun Raster File - Popular among Solaris computers
  .IFF [IN] Interchanged File Format - Designed by Electronic Arts as an Amiga image storage format
  .LBM [IN] LBM was created for the Deluxe Paint package, and is essentially the same as IFF.
  .CUT [IN] Dr.Halo bitmap - Pretty popular some years ago
  .XBM [IN] X11 Bitmap Format
  .XPM [IN] X11 Pixmap Format
  .WBMP [IN / OUT] Wireless Bitmap - A bitmap type used by cell phones, etc. Monochrome (B&W) Only.
  .PBM [IN / OUT] Portable Bitmap - Black & white ASCII based bitmap format
  .PGM [IN / OUT] Portable Greymap - Grayscale ASCII based bitmap format
  .PPM [IN / OUT] Portable Pixmap - High color ASCII based bitmap format
  .PBMRAW [IN / OUT] (Binary version of .PBM)
  .PGMRAW [IN / OUT] (Binary version of .PGM)
  .PPMRAW [IN / OUT] (Binary version of .PPM)
  .DDS [IN] DirectX DirectDraw Surface
  .HDR [IN / OUT] High Dynamic Range
  .G3 [IN] Raw fax format CCITT G.3
  .SGI [IN] Silicon Graphics Image
  .PFM [IN / OUT] Portable Floatmap
[IN] Macintosh PICT
  .* [IN] RAW camera image (many extensions)

The AIL can also make use of (and convert back and forth from) many memory-based image formats.
They include:

  • Native AIL "Image"
  • Win32 BITMAP (device dependant bitmap)
  • Win32 DIB (device independent bitmap)
  • EMF (Enhanced MetaFile)
  • Programming specific object
    ("System.Drawing.Image" for .NET, "StdPicture" for VB5 / VB6 / ASP, and "Picture" for REALbasic)

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