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Testimonials From AIL Users

When it comes to finding an imaging solution that is right for you, there are a lot of choices out there. And while the Advanced Imagery Library is one of the cheapest solution available when you compare the amount of functionality you're getting to the price you pay... it is also one of the best as far as quality, compatibility, and speed. We have every confidence that once you have the chance to use the Advanced Imagery Library in your project(s) that you'll agree with us. However, don't take our word on it, read what other AIL users have to say about it:

"Your DLL is TREMENDOUS in its power, and in your implementation of classes, etc. I wish EVERY DLL I've had to deal with over the years were as fast and simple to implement. With the way your help file is set up, and a little 'cut and paste' from it, I was able to implement features in minutes, that would have taken weeks, or been impossible for me, otherwise.

"Basically, I can not think of a better way I could have spent my $50 in this area of this project, and my client will be blissfully unaware, while paying a great deal for it!!! :-)"

- Paul Milligan

"I have used the Advanced Imagery Library for five separate functions involving image manipulation in VB 6.0. The code is very clean, flexible, and gives developers many more options when dealing with pics in VB 6.0. We have 450+ users nationwide that transmit data to our home office daily. The ability to use PNG images reduces the size of our images by 300% over JPG images, and 4000% over BMP, which reduces transmission time tremendously. Great bang for your buck. Thanks!"

- Dana Denton

"Datadisc is a graphing application for data-logging. We draw the graphs etc so the AIL fills in a need for the ability to save, load and occasionally manipulate images of the main program outputs (e.g. - for a file preview)...

"But the 'industry standard' image libraries are expensive and over-specified for our needs. AIL is also over-specified for us, but this isn't a problem. It was easy to get into and implement already-existing functions... I also have the security of knowing that future needs are probably already covered."

- John Crellin

"Advanced Image Library 3.0 Professional edition has helped me immensely with on-the-fly image manipulation problems that I was facing. Thanks to this powerful, feature-rich component, I am able to complete my tasks much quicker and efficiently. The documentation was as feature filled as the component as well. Thanks Kevin, keep up the good work!"

- Ryan Helms
Lead Technology Architect

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