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Advanced Imagery Library

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About AIL

The "Advanced Imagery Library" (or AIL for short) is a set of .NET assemblies, .NET modules and classes, COM DLL's, Visual Basic modules and classes, and REALbasic wrapper classes. When you add any of them to your programming project, they give you all kinds of image processing abilities.  With AIL, you can load, save, copy, paste, render, convert, and alter images in the following ways:

Alter Screen Resolution Negative
Blur Overlay Picture
Increase/Decrease Brightness Overlay Text
Increase/Decrease Contrast Reduce Colors
Increase/Decrease Gamma Resize
Distort RGB Swap
Emboss Rotate at 90 degrees
Etch Rotate to any degree
Filter RGB Set ALPHA Channel
Flip  (Horizontal, Vertical, Both) Set Transparent Color
Grayscale Sharpen
Mosaic Text To Image
Motion Zoom

And now with version 3.0, you have the ability to:

-  Read several different types of EXIF information from images
-  Read or write IPTC, GeoTIFF, XMP, and Text Comments information from/to images
-  Read or write images from/to binary (byte array)
-  Read or write images from/to BASE64 a encoded string
-  Read or write LZW compressed GIF images
-  Create animated GIF images
-  Easily print images to the system's default printer (or Adobe's Distiller)
-  Easily capture the current screen's contents
-  Get all the information about the current display settings
-  Create or compose images in memory to be saved to file, or streamed over the internet

The AIL can make use of, and convert back and forth from several in-memory image formats... including:

-  Native AIL "Image"
-  Win32 BITMAP (device dependant bitmap)
-  Win32 DIB (device independent bitmap)
-  EMF (Enhanced MetaFile)
-  Programming specific object
   ("System.Drawing.Image" for .NET, "StdPicture" for VB5 / VB6 / ASP, "Picture" for REALbasic)

The AIL can work with dozens different file-based image formats (raster-based and vector-based):

-  Click here for a complete list of supported formats

The AIL focuses colors as well as images.  It allows you to take a color value and do the following:

-  Make it negative
-  Make it grayscale
-  Blend it with another color  (ALPHA Blending)
-  Translate it to a standard Win32 color
-  Get the Red, Green, & Blue (RGB) values from it

And best of all, the Advanced Imagery Library is compatible with all versions of Windows (Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT4, Win2000, WinXP, Win2003 Server).  This means you can create your application with confidence and reliability knowing that regardless of your user's operating system, your project will work properly.  And if you'd like to see how things are done "under the hood"... you can!... because you have full access to the source code at no extra charge!

This software uses the FreeImage open source image library.
See for details.
FreeImage is used under the FIPL, version 1.0

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