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Windows 7 & Windows Vista

Windows 7 & Windows Vista both offer a new level of security and control to your operating system that many would say is long overdue. However, along with the extra security comes extra steps for developers to ensure they can properly operate within this new environment.

Windows 7 & Windows Vista by default have you running as a user on your operating system, not an administrator. Then whenever you try to access a part of the operating system that is sensitive (i.e. - the Windows directory, System32 directory, Program Files directory, the system registry, etc), the OS halts, and the user is prompted to authorize such access. This disallows malicious programs from reading or fouling up sensitive system files or configurations.

That's great, however now when you go to run REGSVR32.EXE in order to register the VB5 or VB6 version of the "Advanced Imagery Library" COM DLL's (AdvImgLib.dll or AdvImgLib5.dll), the operating system will give an error, or in some cases... will silently fail it's attempt to register the file. The reason for this is you are trying to insert information into the system's registry (which is restricted) as a standard user, not an administrator. So for security reasons, you are blocked.

Here's how to work around that:
  • Right-click on the START button and select "Explorer". This will bring up "Windows Explorer"

  • Go to the following directory:  C:\Windows\System32\

  • Copy the FreeImage library (FreeImage3.dll) and the Advanced Imagery Library (AdvImgLib.dll or AdvImgLib5.dll) here. If Windows prompts you to authorize copying files here, click YES

  • Right click on the CMD.EXE file in the same directory, then select "Run As Administrator". When Windows prompts you to authorize running this program as the administrator, click YES

  • Enter the following at the command prompt:

    REGSVR32.EXE C:\Windows\System32\AdvImgLib.dll

    ~ or ~

    REGSVR32.EXE C:\Windows\System32\AdvImgLib5.dll

  • Because you are telling Windows to register the COM DLL under the Administrator account, you have full access to the registry and the operation will succeed this time

*IMPORTANT: Windows 7 & Windows Vista do NOT include the run-time files for Visual Basic 5.0. They do include the run-time files for Visual Basic 6.0. Use the following URL to download and install the VB5 run-time files (remember to run the installation as Administrator):

Click here to purchase the Advanced Imagery Library.